Chocolate Mousse Sandwiches

10 to 12 oz Dark Chocolate Chips
1 pint heavy cream
2 Tablespoons sugar
1 Teaspoon vanilla
Package of chocolate wafer

Microwave the chocolate until just melted. Add the vanilla and sugar to the cream and whip to stiff peeks. Spoon about a quarter of the whipped cream to the chocolate and fold. Add the chocolate and whipped cream mixture into the remaining whipped cream and whip until almost all the white is gone. Put mousse into a piping bag. Pipe onto the chocolate wafers and then place another wafer on top of the mousse to make a sandwich. Freeze for about 20 minutes. Wet your hand with water and pat the top of the wafers. Return to freezer for about an hour. Serve Frozen.
Makes about 18 Sandwiches


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